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Cobin contacted Berwick/Johnson about El Peñon
Johnson gave power of attorney to Cobin
GGC Business Plan
First Purchase contract for El Peñon
Berwick-Johnson gave Cobin powers of attorney
Galt's Gulch Chile SA incorporated
Founders' Club Documents.
Johnson began action to oust Cobin/Eyzaguirre.
The Dollar Vigilante 1st GGC Announcement
Founders Club Projections spreadsheet.
Heads of Agreement Contracts
Investor inflow into IGG for Nov 2012: $1.25M
Deed of business closing GGC SA.
GGC SA shareholders mtg, [disputed]
Inmobiliaria Galt's Gulch SA incorporated
Investor inflow into IGG for Dec 2012: $500,000
Asesorias y Servicios Galt's Gulch SA incorporated.
Deed of sale for El Peñon from Sarrazin to IGG


El Peñon revealed to be unsuitable.
Johnson began his vandetta against Cobin.
Lawyers' opinion--Johnson, no due diligence
Johnson tried to partner with neighbors.
Johnson took ownership of Inmobiliaria.
Johnson met Ramirez at Lepe.
Investor inflow into IGG for May 2013: $92,932.
Pre-Sale Lots, 2nd Founders Round Announced
Second Founders Round documents
Zoning and water questioned
Investor inflow into IGG for Jun 2013: $228,800.
Johnson informs Berwick that he defrauded him
Investor inflow into IGG for Jul 2013: $247,000.
FreedomFest, Las Vegas
Johnson's alleged assault on Sandy Sandfort
Johnson reveals that El Peñon is a dud.
Investor inflow into IGG Aug 2013: $1,367,138.
Johnson, Ramirez closed on the Lepe purchase
Johnson lied about Lepe purchase
GGC SA finally dissolved
Inverex Hydrogenological Analysis of Lepe
Investor inflow into IGG for Sep 2013: $$189,725.
Second Lepe payment missed
Investor Inflows for Oct 2013: $891,189.
Spring Event Flyer released
Farm share program announced
Agricola y Comercial GG SpA incorporated
Chirgwin memo on corporate structure
Second Lepe payment missed again.
Tatiana Moroz Video for Spring Event
Press Release on Spring Event at Lepe
Spring Celebration held at the Lepe farm.
Johnson's press release on the Lepe purchase.
Johnson missed the Lepe payment, 3rd time.
Press Release: GGC Accepted Bitcoin
Agricola shares sold on Crypto-trade.
Johnson offers to buy neighboring property.
Johnson fired GGC law firm Chirgwin et al.
False post on bitcointalk.org about Agricola.
Berwick abandons GGC
Investor inflows for Dec 2013: $2,017,874.
Press Release on Partnership with BitcoinsChile
Agricola y Comercial Galt's Gulch SpA bylaws
Johnson on Josh Tolley's radio show.
Johnson made a partial payment on Lepe.
Johnson missed Lepe payment


Investor Inflows for Jan 2014: $383,455.
GGC Itaú Bank Account Blocked.
Johnson paid a partial payment for Lepe.
Johnson's Rio Colorado share purchase signed.
Johnson uses P. Del Real's personal bank account.
Investor Inflows for Feb 2014: $904,844.
M. Del Real Allegedly Forged Signatures.
Disputed Agricola first shareholders meeting.
Johnson Announced Move of Agricola BTC trade
Investor Inflows for Apr 2014: $238,208.
Contract between Agricola and Wehrhahn.
Johnson sued Cobin/Local Newspaper for libel.
Johnson removed Berwick from NZ Trust
Johnson sold IGG shares to the Del Reals
GGC Rio Colorado Stock Swap
Johnson committed water rights violations
Agricola Vanishes from Crypto-trade.
IGG Shareholders Mtg to expand share count.
IGG Board Meeting
Harvest Celebration at GGC
Bitcoin Conference at GGC
Investor Inflows for May 2014: $19,970.
Johnson and Del Real had their falling out.
Johnson used Wehrhahn's Bank Account for GGC
Investor Inflows for May 2014: $19,970.
Investor Inflows for Jun 2014: $39,970.
Johnson Tried to Raise $1M to Buy off Del Real.
Agricola crypto-trade share buy back
Loan Payments Come Due.
Who is Fernando Hernandez?
Curacavi Mayor Files Complaint about Wells
Investor Inflows for Jul 2014: $89,940.
Bizarre Cryptic Emails from Johnson Begin
Investor Inflows for Aug 2014: $380,342.
Final Lepe Payment Extended to Oct 15 2014.
The Eddie Willers email was sent to GGC Investors
GGC Investors Go Public
Jeff Berwick's Article about GGC
IGG Board Meeting with Johnson/Thornton
Josh Tolley Show on GGC
Berwick's on Declare your Independence
Johnson's Civil/Criminal Charges against MDR
IGG Board Meeting Called by Del Real
Agriculture Subdivision Approval
Folta Supported Johnson
Del Real's First Extortion Attempt
Final Lepe Payment Due and deadlne extended.
Kirley Granted Injunctions against Asset Sales
GGC Recovery Team Manages Lepe Farm
GGC Recovery Team Settlement with Del Real
Del Real's Second Extortion Attempt--$1.2M
Civil case Kirley v. Guipaca and IGG Filed
Folta Paid Johnson $250,000.
Third Extortion Attempt by Del Real
Final Lepe Payment Deadline Missed Again
Kirley v. Guipaca/IGG jurisdiction petition
Sham Sale of El Peñon.
Kirley v. Guipaca/IGG jurisdiction upheld


Guipaca Filed Suit in Arbitration for final payment.
Del Real Raided El Peñon
Guipaca v. IGG Arbitration, Kirley's entry petition
Fotosig v. Asesorias
Appraisal of Lepe
Kirley v. IGG Arbitration
Chirgwin sued IGG for nonpayment of fees
Injunction against El Peñon Sale Granted.
Jumpin' G's SpA v. Johnson
IGG SA became Inversiones Merced Limitada
Kirley v. Guipaca/IGG jurisdiction appeal denied.
Johnson's FB Flame War Began
Johnson's Armed Raid of Lepe
Chile Lawyers v. Johnson for unpaid legal fees.
Johnson Revived GGC Webpage w/ Sales Pitch
Tatiana Tells All
McLeod v. Pamela Del Real
Johnson Provides Some Documents
McLeod v. Del Real Pros. Francisco Jacir Manterola
Guipaca v. IGG Arbitration
Johnson v. Wehrhahn?
Folta v. IGG.
Guipaca v. IGG arbitration travesty of justice
Johnson on Christopher Cantwell's podcast
Labor Complaints against Johnson
Kirley receives injunction protecting hwy funds
Johnson begins cultural exchange scam
Investors v. Johnson, Del Real. Fraud Charges.
Kirley v. Johnson, docket # RUC: 1510039858-0
Kirley v. Del Real/Ramirez, violation of injunction
Pros. Cristian Cáceres assigned to Curacaví Case
FBI FOIA report on GGC affinity fraud investigation.
GGC Feature article in El Mercurio


Kirley v. Del Real/Ramirez, contempt, pros. motion
Kirley v. Del Real/Ramirez, motion rejected
Kirley v. Del Real/Ramirez, Ramirez's lawyers
Fornesic Report Delivered to FBI in Santiago
Arbitration award to Kirley
Venue Change for McLeod v Del Real, Johnson
Appeals Court Hearing about Kirley Arbitration
Appeals Court Upholds Arbitration Decision/Award
Judge in San Miguel Blocks Distribution of Funds
Felony Prosecution Court Hearing


Fraud Case Hearing Postponed
Appeals Court Orders Release of GGC Funds
GGC Funds Released to Arbitrator
Auction Rules for GGC Real Estate Submitted
Folta petitions court to join GGC fraud case
Folta Accepted as Victim in GGC Fraud Investigation
Arbitrator assigned in Fink v. GGC
Mediator assigned to Wang Wong Trust v. GGC

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